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What to Research Prior to an Interview

The interview may be the most important piece of getting a job but the research you do beforehand can make or break your chance. The golden rule is to research the company’s website. It’s important to review their company history, values, and executive team. Let’s be...

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Tips for Working From Home

Working from home provides a lot of flexibility and can be a huge change if you’ve only ever worked in a traditional office. To be successful it’s important to realize you’re still working, and though you might be in your pj’s, you’re accountable for the same amount...

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Are you a Hunter or a Fisherman?

Trying to build your personal network? – Are you a hunter or fisherman? We all know the value of our personal network. Anyone who has found themselves in the market for a job quickly wishes they had a deep network to help them gain employment.  If you already have a...

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GRSA Event

  The Fall Generalist & Recruiter Strategic Alliance Event was hosted by Ivoclar's Amanda and Angela. Thank you, ladies, for hosting the event. We had many great attendees this time from outstanding companies such as HealthNow, University at Buffalo, Horizon Health,...

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Why We Quit!

  Why people quit – Perseverance and how to build it Why is it so many of us give up the moment we face difficulty? We start with good intentions, chasing our goals and dreams, then abandon them when things don’t go our way. Napoleon Hill states that “The most common...

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Making Excuses

    We hear excuses all the time. I got caught in traffic. The dog ate my homework.  I didn’t have time. Excuses are used to protect ourselves by placing blame on someone or something appearing to be outside of our control. When facing an adverse situation, our...

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