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Ice Cream Social

At Systems Personnel we like to thank our clients for their business. Jon has been working with this client for many years and we thanked them by serving them ice cream! Although Jon, Lynn and Naney's arms still hurt from all the ice cream they scooped, the positive...

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Write a Brilliant Cover Letter!

Your cover letter is a vital part of your job search. Make the employer want to read your resume! It tells your potential boss about, not only the position you are seeking but why you are the best person for that job. Remember, you have a maximum of 20 seconds to wow...

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Follow Up After Your Resume!

You went through the process of submitting your resume to the ‘perfect’ job opening. What’s next? You could just wait patiently…. but most likely that won’t land you the job. Your best bet is to follow up via email. Most employers and recruiters prefer follow up via...

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Two Words Never to Say!

When did we get to be so rude?... After watching the world news recently, I thought to myself, “These commentators sound rude.” It seemed everyone on the show was talking like bossy, arrogant Americans. It dawned on me…there are two words these commentators start...

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How to get your LinkedIn profile recognized

We all know that LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site. Two of the top uses of LinkedIn include looking for a job, or looking for a candidate to fill a job. Making your profile standout is easy if you follow these tips. Fill out the summary section....

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How to Act at a Business Lunch

Is your job interview over lunch, or are you having a lunch meeting with your boss? Don’t overlook proper etiquette. Things to remember: Seating • Wait to sit until the host is seated. • Put your napkin in your lap once everyone is seated. Selecting an item • Choose...

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Don’t Stress Over A Hard Decision!!

Throughout our lives, we will face several difficult choices.  Where will you live?  Which profession will you choose? Who will you marry?  For many, these decisions can be very overwhelming and stressful.  But what if they did not have to be so overwhelming? ...

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