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Follow Up After Your Resume!

You went through the process of submitting your resume to the ‘perfect’ job opening. What’s next? You could just wait patiently…. but most likely that won’t land you the job. Your best bet is to follow up via email. Most employers and recruiters prefer follow up via...

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How to get your LinkedIn profile recognized

We all know that LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site. Two of the top uses of LinkedIn include looking for a job, or looking for a candidate to fill a job. Making your profile standout is easy if you follow these tips. Fill out the summary section....

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How to Act at a Business Lunch

Is your job interview over lunch, or are you having a lunch meeting with your boss? Don’t overlook proper etiquette. Things to remember: Seating • Wait to sit until the host is seated. • Put your napkin in your lap once everyone is seated. Selecting an item • Choose...

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Don’t Stress Over A Hard Decision!!

Throughout our lives, we will face several difficult choices.  Where will you live?  Which profession will you choose? Who will you marry?  For many, these decisions can be very overwhelming and stressful.  But what if they did not have to be so overwhelming? ...

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What Are You Worth?

What Are You Worth?  You nailed the interview. You answered all their questions, impressed them with your work history and skill set, and got along great with the hiring team. Then comes the question - How much are you looking to make? You ask for too much, and you...

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Resume Mistakes - Blog

Common Resume Mistakes Recruiters See

Companies don't hire resumes, they hire people. But your resume is often what gets you in the door, so if you can't get the interview it's nearly impossible to win someone over. You have very little time to impress the target audience with your resume. These common...

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Jim Cip was a part of Buffalo Means Business on WBEN

  Jim Cip was a part of Buffalo Means Business on WBEN Jim Cipriani was on the radio once again! This time he was a part of Buffalo Means Business on WBEN. Covering topics such as the current labor market in Buffalo, NY, the difficulty of finding quality candidates,...

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Are You a Scout or Are You a Soldier?

Recent thought leaders believe the way you approach life, either as a scout or as a soldier, determines your success. A soldier is brave and strong and ready to fight for what he thinks is right. A scout is curious and focuses on gathering information before taking...

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