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Resume Mistakes - Blog

Common Resume Mistakes Recruiters See

Companies don't hire resumes, they hire people. But your resume is often what gets you in the door, so if you can't get the interview it's nearly impossible to win someone over. You have very little time to impress the target audience with your resume. These common...

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Jim at WREN Buffalo Means Business 1080x675 - Blog

Jim Cip was a part of Buffalo Means Business on WBEN

  Jim Cip was a part of Buffalo Means Business on WBEN Jim Cipriani was on the radio once again! This time he was a part of Buffalo Means Business on WBEN. Covering topics such as the current labor market in Buffalo, NY, the difficulty of finding quality candidates,...

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Scout VS Soldier 1080x675 - Blog

Are You a Scout or Are You a Soldier?

Recent thought leaders believe the way you approach life, either as a scout or as a soldier, determines your success. A soldier is brave and strong and ready to fight for what he thinks is right. A scout is curious and focuses on gathering information before taking...

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How to make a Career Change 1080x675 - Blog

A recruiter shares How to make a Career Change

How to make a Career Change By Jackie Lopez Looking for career advice when making a career change? There are a few things that you need to look at seriously before embarking on a career change. You need to start with a self-assessment of what you would really enjoy...

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SPI Gift Family 1080x675 - Blog

A Recruiter Shares How Giving is Beneficial

Systems Personnel’s mission is to Improve Lives Through Employment but we don’t just help when there is a potential for a paycheck.  We are committed to volunteering as a group and individually, and we offer our professional services to adults and students whom we...

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Secret to Exercisign More 935x675 - Blog

The Secret to Exercising More

The Secret to Exercising more – 2 easy techniques The secret to exercising more … 2 scientific techniques that hold the key to exercising, and doing anything you want… more consistently!! Recently, I ran across some interesting research pertaining to exercise....

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Research 1 1080x675 - Blog

What to Research Prior to an Interview

The interview may be the most important piece of getting a job but the research you do beforehand can make or break your chance. The golden rule is to research the company’s website. It’s important to review their company history, values, and executive team. Let’s be...

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lapto 1080x675 - Blog

Tips for Working From Home

Working from home provides a lot of flexibility and can be a huge change if you’ve only ever worked in a traditional office. To be successful it’s important to realize you’re still working, and though you might be in your pj’s, you’re accountable for the same amount...

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