When sitting across from an interviewer, you can’t help but wonder, “Just what is this company looking for in a new healthcare IT hire?” Every business is different, but as a configuration analyst candidate, you can be sure that every company is looking for these three essential qualities in addition to technical skills and experience.

The Ability to Contribute to a Team

Configuration analysts do not work in a bubble. They work closely with system developers, programmers and business analysts on a regular basis.  You must be able to demonstrate that you value the input of these other team members and that you can contribute without overshadowing their contributions.

During an interview, you can demonstrate teamwork by discussing a time when you faced a large challenge that required each person to pitch in to solve the issue. Address the ways in which you solicited input from each and the approach the group took to overcome the challenge. Remember, there is no “i” in “team,” so be sure to frame any discussion of teamwork around the value of the group itself.

The Ability To Communicate With Non-Techies

As a configuration analyst, you work to make modifications that satisfy the needs of the end-user. Many, many times in a healthcare setting, those end-users do not speak the language of a high-level technologist. You must have the ability to communicate with end-users effectively, to take the information they provide and translate it into system modifications and then communicate those modifications back to the end user.

To show you can communicate well with people at all levels of the tech-savvy spectrum, talk about a time in which you had to explain complicated information to an end-user from a non-IT background. Describe the steps you took to break down the information and to work with that person to achieve understanding.

Superb Documentation Skills

Configuration analysts are the point person when it comes to solving complex problems. You are expected to know the details of every aspect of the system and to refer your team to the appropriate documentation at just their right time. This means building step-by-step guides on procedures and processes, project overviews, field documentation guides, report guides and even training material.

In an interview, showcase your documentation skills by describing your approach to a new document, or a time when you had to fine-tune existing documents. Describe the way in which you analyze the information and compile it, and don’t forget to describe the way in which you document changes as they arise.

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