Even in the best of economic environments, it can be difficult to land a permanent full-time job in your field. This is especially true for recent graduates, career changers, or those who have taken a hiatus from the rat race to raise children or care for an ailing parent. An effective way to gain experience, build your resume and grow your network is to consider taking on temporary positions.

Temporary Positions Are a Ticket to Gaining Experience Quickly

Short-term assignments are a great way to gain valuable experience if you are new to the job market, re-entering the job market, or contemplating a career change. It can be difficult to prove yourself to hiring managers without experience, and without experience you can’t hone the skills you need to land a permanent position in your field. Temporary assignments are your foot in the door. Each position an opportunity to grow and develop your marketable skill set.

Get Exposure to Diverse Work Environments

One of the most common reasons employees leave jobs is poor cultural alignment. If your personality and work style do not mesh with the company culture, or if your core values conflict with company values, you won’t be engaged in your work. Temporary assignments expose you to a variety of work environments and management styles, which can help you determine what you do and do not want from your eventual permanent position.

Make Connections for Future Job Searches

Building a network takes time. Temporary assignments allow you to grow your professional network quickly. At the close of each assignment, make sure to add your manager and colleagues to LinkedIn. Keep in touch, because you never know when a permanent position will open up or who a connection can introduce you to down the line.

To Achieve Success, Choose the Right Partner

If you are new to the workforce, re-entering the workforce, changing careers, or if you have relocated to Erie County and you’re looking to get your foot in the door with employers, temporary positions can be a springboard for long-term career success. However, they can only help  if you’ve got the right staffing firm on your side.

The recruiters at Systems Personnel in Western New York can help you develop a plan to use temporary positions to your career advantage. We can match your skills and experience with employers who are looking for people just like you to help them meet their goals and bridge gaps on their staff. Contact us today to learn more about our unique recipe for your success.

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