Summer is upon us, and that means longer days, warm weather, and an IT staff that will inevitably become stretched thin.  Now is the time to bring on summer IT temps to ensure your systems run smoothly and your projects can be delivered on time and on budget.  Not convinced? Here are three important reasons why strategic utilization of temps can keep your business humming through the fall.

School’s Out For Summer

When school recesses for summer break, parents want to spend as much time as they can with their children. Many employees save up their PTO to leave a little early from time to time, manage unforeseen childcare emergencies or take long weekends to spend with their kids. Employees without children also like to have a bit more free time from June through August to enjoy summer activities. While an occasional hour here or there won’t derail a project, requests for flexibility can add up quickly.

Whether your team plans well in advance for time off or they put in their requests at the last minute, having temps on staff to provide coverage can help managers relieve stress, ensures systems are up and running, and keeps projects on track to hit deadlines.

Summer Vacations Can Stall Productivity

Warm months are vacation season for most employees, and your team will request large chunks of time off. Inevitably, some of those requests will overlap, resulting in serious skill shortages and workflow bottlenecks if you aren’t prepared. While managers can deny vacation requests, nobody wants to be seen as a summer Scrooge, and not allowing a valued team member to take her vacation can seriously impact morale.

Maintain workflow and keep IT projects on track by having skilled temps on hand to close the gaps, allowing your employees to take their vacations without disrupting productivity.

Try Before You “Buy”

Temporary summer IT workers can also be utilized as part of your overall hiring strategy. Short-term employees can be brought in on a temporary-to-hire basis, allowing you and the employee to test out long-term fit before making a serious hiring decision.  This allows your company to draw from a larger pool of talent and make strong, well-informed hiring decisions.

This arrangement doesn’t just benefit the employer. Savvy IT pros use temporary assignments as a means of finding a job they love at a company where they can excel. According to the American Staffing Association, 74 percent of temporary workers choose the temp route as a means to find a full-time job. Bringing on temps in the summer allows managers to plan for the fall and beyond.

Work With a Leader in Strategic IT Staffing

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