3 Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement in the Eyes of a Recruiter

No matter what social media tools you may be using, it’s agreed that consistent engagement via these sites is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform and grow your professional portfolio. Smart, concise social media management is important even for small businesses since it is the quickest way to keep peers and customers alike up-to-date and involved. Keeping up with these sites is a great way to keep up with agencies and companies that post their available jobs.

Make sure to put out content that is:


There’s nothing that will turn off social media users like vapid content. Breathe some life into posts by choosing clean formatting and adding graphics to make the most visually interesting. We scroll through so many posts in a day that it is important to convey what the heart is behind your message; what truly motivates you/your business? In the recruiting business, we have to be expressive in showing how we are internally within the organization which often is not viewed by outsiders.


People get excited about fresh ideas, so if you need to hire the right creatives it might be worth the money to have someone change the way your message is expressed to the audience. Even if your business or profession isn’t attention-grabbing, it’s your job to get people interested and engaged. Change the format of the messages you send out, mix up your logo or site layout, and do something to show that you are evolving and keeping up with online trends.


A dry social media feed will just lead users to scroll elsewhere or switch apps. Keep their attention where it needs to be by investing in a social media posting tool or app and make sure posts go out at least 5x weekly. We are bombarded constantly with information and it is easy to get lost in the mix, so ensure that your posts are seen by increasing your output. Agencies are constantly posting on their social site, we make it a given to post on our social sites as much we can. If you want to see an example of some good social media activity visit our Facebook and Linked in pages!


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