“Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from
the mistakes of others.” ~Brandon Mull

When was your last job search? I’m guessing that many of you may say it has been a while since you have been on the market and are in need of some serious interview tips. The quote above inspired me to write about mistakes to avoid during your interview. I’m hoping you are able to gain tips for interviewing by avoiding mistakes others have made during their job search.

Here are 7 of the top interview mistakes made by candidates during their job search.

  1. Not viewing the company website before your interview

Visiting the company website is a must. I also suggest “Googling” the company to find out if they have been in the news lately. Visit GlassDoor, specifically the interview section, where other candidates share their interview stories.

  1. Not preparing interview questions for the interviewer

In almost every interview there comes a time where the interviewer turns the tables and gives you a chance to ask them some interview questions. This is a golden opportunity for you to show your knowledge by asking great questions.

  1. Dressing Inappropriately

For a long time I figured this went without saying but you would be surprised of what we have seen. It is essential to look professional and polished in your interview. Even if you are interviewing for a position where the daily dress code is far from a suit and tie, dressing professional shows you are taking the interview seriously and appreciate the time the interviewer has set aside for you.

  1. Arriving Late

Another interview tip that seems to go without saying but this is the easiest way to blow your first impression before the interviewer even lays eyes on you.

  1. Using your phone during the interview

This interview tip is simple. DON’T BRING YOUR PHONE INTO THE INTERVIEW!

  1. Not knowing what is on your resume

Bring several copies of your resume to the interview but most importantly know every little thing that is on your resume. Make sure you are prepared to talk about each bullet point on your resume.

  1. Bringing a coffee or other drink with you to the interview

It is very unprofessional to bring along a coffee or drink into the interview room but if the interviewer asks if you want anything, I encourage candidates to ask for a glass of water.

Hope these tips for interviewing help you in your job search. Stay tuned to the blog for more interview tips to come.

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