Starting a new job is never easy. There’s pressure from wanting to do a great job but also becoming a valuable and communicative member of the team. So, how are you supposed to impress your new employer in that situation successfully, without getting on anyone’s nerves and lacking efficiency in your work? The following tips can help you with that.

1. Manage your tasks efficiently

Once you get familiar with your tasks and workload, it’s important to properly prioritize them and create a to-do list that will help you stay organized. That way you’ll also make it easier to assign the appropriate amount of time for each task. Thanks to that practice from day one, you won’t have difficulty with completing your tasks on time, which is definitely something that will impress your new employer immediately.

2. Engage in work conversations

Being physically present when your colleagues are talking to you is not enough. You really need to take in everything they say to you, especially if it’s work-related. Don’t hesitate to take notes and ask additional questions if necessary. This kind of engagement will show that you’re keen to learn and listen, which is an important factor in your assessment.

3. Hang out with your colleagues

Aside from work-related topics, it’s paramount that you take the time to get to know your team. Don’t think that using your break to work more will impress your new employer. This can only result in other team members treating you coldly. Instead, use your break to talk and bond with your colleagues. Showing that you can establish a great relationship with your team members right from the start is extremely valuable.

4. Adjust to the work environment

Adjusting to the work environment doesn’t mean that you need to lose all traces of your personality when in the office. It just means that you should pay attention to how your colleagues behave and talk to each other. This will allow you to adjust your own etiquette and behavior so that you fit right into the work dynamics.

5. Write down everything you need

Avoid panicky situations where you forget computer passwords, colleagues’ names, and other important information. This is where an ordinary notepad can be of tremendous help. This tip is quite simple, but it’s also one of the best for impressing your boss. By writing down everything that you’re aware may be difficult to remember right from the start, you’ll show capability, confidence and efficiency that everyone at work will appreciate.

6. Meet up with your boss regularly

You should set up short meetings with your boss on weekly basis to make sure your skillset, personality and enthusiasm are all perfect for the job. Use these meetings to discuss your progress as well as offer some ideas related to your position that would benefit the company. Such initiative is truly impressive from an employer’s perspective.

7. Impress your new employer by being on time

Always be on time – or ten minutes early – but never arrive late at work. Of course, delays may happen, but that’s why it’s best to make sure you wake up and leave for work earlier until you’re used to this change in your schedule. Basically, do your best to stay punctual at all times, regardless of your experience, but pay special attention to this detail as long as you’re still considered the new girl/guy.

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