Accounting and finance work is extremely stressful. With compliance and ever-increasing government regulations bearing down on them and an increasing workload, your accounting staff is under constant pressure. During busy seasons like January through May, that pressure becomes even more intense. You can help make life a little easier for your team with these actionable strategies.

Check In Regularly

Weekly meetings can be a drag, but when they are productive, these regular check-ins allow everyone on the team a chance to address issues they are having and work out solutions as a unit.  Include an agenda item during your weekly staff meeting to put any challenges on the table and then solicit ideas from the group on working through them. You’ll discover more creative solutions, improved teamwork and better morale when the group feels they can share their challenges with one another.

Have A Little Fun

Accounting is very serious business, but there is nothing wrong with injecting a little bit of fun into the group. In the office, you can spark some levity by sending out weekly accounting-themed cartoons. You can also hold “funny” awards ceremonies each quarter where you bestow titles like, “Tax Maniac,” or “Compliance Whisperer.” Laughing is a stress reliever and can remind the group why they like their jobs. These lighthearted awards also show that you see the efforts of each team member and acknowledge their contributions.

After your busy season, schedule a fun group outing to a sporting event, local event, or even plan (and pay for) a nice evening of dinner and drinks. Throughout the year, schedule accounting team happy hours, as well, to get the group bonding without the constraints of the office.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Accounting teams can often burn out, especially during the busy season. Encourage them to take time to recharge their batteries. Each quarter, remind people who have accumulated leave that it’s OK to take that leave, and consider a mandatory shutdown at 5:30 every Friday. You can’t stop them from working over the weekend, but it will show the group that you value their personal time and you want them to take that time to reconnect with their friends, families and hobbies.

Spread Out The Workload

Every year your accounting team’s workload gets bigger, but your staff size remains the same. That means longer hours and more room for errors. Contract CPAs and other temporary accounting and finance professionals can ease the strain while maintaining quality during your busy seasons. Many talented finance professionals choose temporary work as an alternative to full-time, traditional jobs and with the right staffing partner you can access extremely talented professionals to help your team manage increases in workflow.

If you want to ensure that your core accounting team stays productive, avoids burnout and stays engaged in their work, partner with a leader in strategic finance staffing. The recruiting experts at Systems Personnel in Buffalo can connect you with the accounting and finance talent you need to keep your business moving forward. Contact us today to learn more about the ways in which we can help you keep your accounting team on track.

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