Are you in the Buffalo Job Market?… It is more important than ever to use a good recruiter!

Finding an IT, Technology, Finance, Human Resources, or any job in Buffalo has gotten more difficult since the Covid-19 Virus hit.  How do you stand out when there are so many unemployed people searching for jobs in the Buffalo market?  A Human Resources professional at a 300-person company told me last week, “I posted an ad on Indeed and I got so many resumes, I can’t even the time to get through the pile.”

As a job seeker, how do you get noticed? One way is to use a good recruiter.  A good recruiter will help make your resume look attractive so you don’t get eliminated so quickly. A good recruiter will have the ability to get your resume to the top of the pile and in front of the hiring manager in a short amount of time. A good recruiter will have a discussion with the hiring manager about your skills and attributes to land you an interview.  A good recruiter will help you prepare for the interview so you can outshine the other candidates and get the job you deserve. A good recruiter will negotiate to get you the best offer possible.

Best of all, recruiters don’t charge you. Working with a recruiter is completely free of charge for the job seeker!

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