Congratulations on getting that promotion you worked so hard for! Of course, this is a great cause for celebration with a nice glass of wine and your friends, so don’t hesitate to enjoy it. We don’t want to start on the negative note but a promotion can become overwhelming at times, and it’s important that you stay away from the most common post-promotion traps. To make sure you stay happy at your job and maintain great relationships with your colleagues, keep on reading.

Don’t think you won’t have to do the work you did before

Of course, your promotion may involve completely new responsibilities but that doesn’t mean ditching previous obligations. No transition can happen overnight which is precisely why it’s important to keep track of all your duties before and after the promotion., You’ll probably shift to your new duties completely soon enough, but don’t appear too confident and settled with your new promotion such that you completely ignore the work that you had been doing. This will only send the wrong message to your team and your employer.

Don’t exhibit arrogance

We hope that this won’t be one of the post-promotion traps that you need to worry about. After all, nobody enjoys working with an arrogant colleague who believes they’re God-sent to the company. A team is always the most important force in the company, and you need to be a part of it to get your ideas ahead and keep pushing forward. Arrogance is a bad companion, especially after a promotion. Not only can it get to your head, but your closest colleagues can actually start resenting you. This all leads to your employer questioning their decision about promoting you in the first place.

Don’t get involved with recruiters

Once you get a promotion and update your LinkedIn profile the chances are that you’ll start getting solicited from recruiters. This may seem enticing, but don’t get absorbed into the new offers you’re getting. If you’ve managed to get a promotion at your current job, try to learn and manage the position with that employer for at least six months before you decide whether looking for something else is good for you or not. First of all, you need that time to master the skills that go with your promotion. Then there’s the unnecessary waste of energy which you should be focused on excelling at your new job, There is also the potential for a loss of credibility, or your new job if your employer hears you are talking to recruiters.

Don’t spend all your money at once

This may not seem as bad as other post-promotion traps but spending can get out of hand. It’s true that most promotions come with a pay raise or a bonus, and you have every right to reward yourself. Just stay don’t go overboard. You still have bills to pay and your savings account won’t get bigger with you spending away.

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