If you struggle to find great IT talent, the problem may not be the market. It might be your culture. Company culture plays a significant role in a candidate’s decision process. Taking the time to create and promote an effective culture could pay dividends in your tech recruiting efforts.

Candidates View Culture as a Measure of Success

Thanks to sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, candidates can see what actual employees have to say about working for a particular organization.  Why does this matter? Because 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees say they believe a defined culture is a marker of an organization’s success. Candidates and employees look to culture as a way to determine how well a company is doing, and culture can even outrank traditional benefits packages in terms of attracting talent. If a potential employee sees that those who work there are happy, feel valued and make real contributions, it carries a lot more weight than a comprehensive dental plan.  In a niche like IT where competition for talent is fierce, any ground you can gain on your competitors makes a big difference in the recruiting wars.

Culture Brings IT Talent To Your Door

IT hiring managers struggle because they are perpetually chasing down their “idea” of a great candidate. What if candidates came to your front door?  When an organization builds an effective culture, it helps to cultivate a more engaged workforce. The more engaged the team, the more brand advocates you will have in the market spreading your reputation as a great place to work. The better your reputation, the higher the caliber of talent you will attract. Companies with a strong culture and employer brand don’t have to expend as much energy digging around for talented candidates; those candidates come knocking.

Not only are these candidates more qualified, but they are far more likely to fit in with the culture. When your culture is well-defined in the market, potential employees will self-select in or out of the process. When they know what your values are and what it’s like to work with you ahead of time, they can assess whether or not their values and work style align.

The Long-Term Benefits of an Effective Company Culture

Once you start attracting quality talent and that talent is better aligned with your organization, other benefits begin to develop across teams. There is less conflict and friction among groups with aligned values. Retention improves, as people are happier where they are. Health and wellness improves, sick days decrease, and people simply have a more enjoyable time in the office.

Thinking Beyond Salary

If you want to attract the best and the brightest tech talent, you have to think beyond salary and benefits, and focus on your culture. The battle for IT talent is fierce, and candidates want more from their job than just a paycheck. They want to like what they do, where they do it and who they do it with. When you aren’t actively focusing on your culture, you’re missing out on talent.

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