Differentiating yourself on paper – Landing an Interview

Are you a Consultant and feel you are being passed over multiple opportunities? Continue reading to find out what can help your resume shine above the rest.

Too many resumes simply do not do justice to an applicant’s experience.  It is a shame to see great people passed over because their skills are not represented well on paper.  Hiring managers will review 8 to 10 resumes in 20 minutes and pick the top two or three for interviews.

Here are some tips to ensure your resume is at the top of the pile:


  • If your resume has an objective, delete it.
    • Most objectives are vague, self-serving, and take up the most valuable real estate at the top of the page. Replace it with a two to three sentence skills summary that fits the needs of your potential employer.  Your skills summary should list the length of industry experience, length of specific experience with a module, number of relevant implementations/projects, and what you can bring to this project specifically.


  • For each of your positions/projects, list the most relevant skills first.
    • I know it sounds basic, but too many candidates have important items buried in the middle or end of a paragraph or bullet point.  If it can be overlooked, it will be, and you will be overlooked or moved deeper into the pile.


  • Remove or simplify any extraneous skills or experience.
    • If you do not want to remove it, move it to the bottom of the last page.  If you are applying for an EMR Consultant position- there’s no need to list your cashier experience from high school.


  • Quantifiable accomplishments are the best for both your summary and your accomplishments
    • How large/sophisticated was the project? What was the size of the institution? How many people were on your team?  Avoid vague accomplishments that have zero perceived value like, “Worked with other departments” or “participated in meetings”.   Instead say, “Coordinated with Pediatric Oncology, Radiology, and Cardiology departments to do X, resulting in Y.”


  • Always tailor your resume to the position
    • Any relevant skill in bullet lists need to be at the top of the list. If it is a technical position, list specifics and details, the tools you used, and the results you helped achieve.


  • Remove titles from past jobs or positions if they are vague.
    • This holds true especially for roles in large organizations. If you are applying for a Sr. Analyst Role and your last position was Jr. Analyst II or IT Level II support, you will be passed over.  Titles like this mean nothing and can diminish your value.  Leave the title off and list your responsibilities, let the reader determine what level you are – in some organizations, a supervisor has as much responsibility as a VP.


  • Bulleting
    • Make each bullet relevant, clear, and clean (spacing, 1” margins), not in a descriptive paragraph style. When each skill or accomplishment is a separate bullet it is quicker and easier to get an accurate understanding of your abilities. If there’s an experience or a skill that is rare or unique, then make sure it’s at the top of your list and in the first few words of the line.


  • Resume length for contracted analysts is two pages:
    • One page is too little and anything over three pages is too much.



Whether you are an EMR Consultant or not, these tips can help your resume shine from all of the other resumes in the batch.


What’s your next step?

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