A diverse workplace is important for compliance, to be sure, but there are real benefits to building IT teams that are comprised of people from different genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, generations and experiences. As your organization works to build an innovative and competitive healthcare IT team, it is important to keep an eye on diversity.

Diversity Can Impact The Bottom Line

According to a comprehensive diversity report published by McKinsey, diversity simply makes companies more effective and more profitable. Their study, Diversity Matters, looked at 366 public companies in North America and the UK. Through years of study their research determined:

  • Companies that score in the top 25 percent of racial and ethnic diversity and the top 25 percent for gender diversity produce enjoy higher-than-average returns for their industry.
  • Companies in the bottom 25 percent for gender and ethnic diversity lag behind their competitors and are less likely to achieve above-average returns.
  • For every 10 percent increase in diversity on an executive team, an organization’s earnings before interest and taxes increases nearly one percent.

Simply put, a mix of experience and perspective simply leads to more profitable organizational outcomes.

Diversity and Healthcare IT Teams

Diversity is extremely important across the organization, but diversity among healthcare IT staff is equally important. IT teams literally keep hospitals, health centers, health insurance companies, clinics and physicians up and running so that they can go about their business of saving lives.  In today’s environment of mandated EHRs and HIPPA concerns, healthcare tech teams must be more agile and forward-thinking than ever before, in order to achieve goals.

According to data from National Center for Women and Technology (NCWT),  diversity may be the key to success. Their research shows that diverse tech teams:

  • are more likely to generate projects on time and on budget;
  • enjoy overall performance improvements;
  • have better team dynamics;
  • experience higher collective intelligence;
  • are more likely to experiment with creative solutions; and
  • enjoy higher-than-average performance bonuses.

Diversity isn’t just about compliance or improving statistics, nor is it a magic formula for instant success. A commitment to diversity can help improve organizational success, foster innovation and promote creativity and collaboration that just isn’t possible on a team where everyone is the same age, gender, race and ethnicity.

Achieving diversity is far easier said than done, and many organizations struggle. Partnering with a strategic IT staffing firm is a great way to increase diversity among your IT team by locating and attracting qualified tech talent. If your organization is looking to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of creating the diversity that you’re looking for, contact the expert tech recruiters at Systems Personnel today.

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