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Team Building - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

Team Building is a Must Have

The importance of team building Building a strong, collaborative, team is not easy. It takes work to keep your team performing optimally.  One of the best ways to help strengthen bonds is to organize team building events. By getting the team interacting away from the...

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Reducing New Hire Failure Rate - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

How to Reduce New Hire Failure Rate – Part 1

How to Reduce New Hire Failure Rate – Part 1 Take a look at Jim's video! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVjyCWfH-iQ&t=3s New hire success rate is horrible. 50% workers fail within first 6 months – Humetrics 82% newly hired professionals “Miss the Mark” – Gallop...

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Staffing Vendor - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

Staffing Vendor Friend or Foe?

Staffing vendor Friend or Foe? Is your staffing vendor a friend or a foe? On the one hand a friend because they found you a resource you couldn’t find on your own, on the other hand a foe because they charged a high fee for someone who didn’t stay employed. You fear...

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Motivating team 940x675 - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

Trouble Motivating Your Team?

Trouble motivating your team?  Try this for success!... We all want to live a rich life, whatever that means.  Some people want money and power, others want prestige and recognition.  Some of us just want respect, and most everyone wants happiness.  Americans want big...

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3 Reasons to be more consistent as a Leader - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

3 Reasons to Be More Consistent as a Leader

Reason 1. An old horse farmer told me so. I have a long-term client who is a high- level executive in a healthcare company and he runs a farm on the side. Over lunch one day he told me the secret to getting the most work out of a team of horses is the same as getting...

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Chill out Have you lost any men today 1024x675 - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

Chill out… Have you lost any men today?…

One of my clients was a CIO at a large healthcare company.  He enjoyed sharing his leadership insights with me.  At the time, he had a large project that was going badly. It was a serious situation that eventually cost him his job.  In the midst of the bedlam, I asked...

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leadership video 4 ingredients - Jim Cip's Leadership Tips

Jim’s leadership video

In this leadership video, Jim Cipriani President Systems Personnel shares the 4 ingredients of Consistently High Performing Teams.     Tell us how we can help! Contact us today to set up some time to learn more about Systems Personnel and how we can help...

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