There are many stressful aspects of a financial job search, but waiting is often the worst part. You have absolutely no control over the hiring team’s timeline and that lack of control can lead to anxiety. Sometimes, people feel so anxious about hearing back from a potential finance employer that they begin reaching out to nudge the hiring manager along. This can seem worthwhile, but making yourself a nuisance will not speed things up, and it may actually hinder your chances of getting the job. However, professional follow-up is important to show your genuine interest and enthusiasm for the job. So just when and how should you follow up without making yourself a pest?

Following Up After Sending An Application

Sending in your actual application can be extremely frustrating if you don’t hear back from the company. Many hiring teams set up autoresponders so you know that your application was received, but even with an autoresponder, it often feels like your resume just gets lost in a black hole.

If you’ve sent in an application and you’ve heard nothing about the receipt of your resume, it is acceptable to follow up in about a week’s time to confirm that the hiring team did receive your application.

Following Up After An Interview

Landing an interview, whether it is a phone screen, first round or second round in-person interview, is extremely exciting. But after the interview concludes, the waiting game begins. Always make sure to send a thank-you note after every interview, either the same day or the next day. This will reinforce your interest in the position and it provides you with the opportunity to address anything you may have missed during the conversation. Do not call or email to ask about your status, however, unless the day has passed that you were told you’d receive notification on the next steps. Calling too soon could alienate the hiring manager.

Following Up When The Hiring Manager Is Vague

If you asked about next steps and you received a vague timeline or an even more vague response like, “we will let you know,” it can be difficult to know when to reach out. Try to remain patient for a week and then send an email or call the hiring manager to determine where things stand.

Following Up When You Get Another Job Offer

If you receive a job offer while you’re waiting to hear from an employer, reach out to your point of contact and tell them you have an offer, but you are still extremely interested in their role.  If you have a deadline to respond to the offer, let them know what the deadline is.

If the employer isn’t considering you seriously, they will likely encourage you to accept the offer you have. If they are considering you and they are willing to make a decision before your deadline, you can wait it out or ask the offering organization for a few more days to consider, though asking for more time does come with some risk.

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