Whether a recruiter has reached out to you or you’ve decided to jumpstart your job search by starting a conversation with an executive recruiter, you’ve probably wondered how to best navigate this new relationship. Here are four tips you can use to work with an executive recruiter.

Treat the Recruiter as a Representative of the Company

Just because the recruiter works for a third party doesn’t mean you should treat them any less respectfully than you would the actual hiring manager. You want to put your best professional foot forward in all interactions with the executive recruiter. That means showing up to meetings with the recruiter on time, dressed for success and prepared; returning calls and emails promptly; and getting them all information they request in a timely fashion. Remember, they are the ones who have to sell you to their client, so you want to take every measure you can to impress.

Be Honest

When it comes to a successful engagement with a recruiter, honesty is always the best policy. Neither you, the recruiter nor the employer has time to waste. If you know an opportunity isn’t right for you, be upfront and honest about the situation. Don’t feel compelled to continue with the interview process if you know you’d never accept the job. On the flip side, if you have been presented with your dream job at your dream employer, be honest about your enthusiasm and passion for that position. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from being honest.

Refer a Friend

Relationships are two-way streets. The more you give, the more you get. Don’t be afraid to refer talented colleagues to the recruiter, especially if you know someone who would be a better fit for the job.  If you help the recruiter out, you’ll be remembered long after the position is filled. When another opportunity arises, or when another recruiter reaches out to them for referrals, you’ll be remembered.

Keep In Touch

Reaching out every now and then is important to keep your professional network strong, and it will keep you on the recruiter’s radar. You never know when the right opportunity will arise, or what turns your career will take. Make sure to connect with the executive recruiter on LinkedIn, and stay in touch.

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