When it comes to recruiting passive candidates, there is a lot of advice floating around about how to build and establish relationships. Building rapport with talented and employed professionals is critical to the recruiting process, but when it comes time to actually entice a passive candidate to switch jobs, many hiring managers stumble.  Pros who aren’t actively looking for jobs are satisfied where they are, and getting them to take a leap into the unknown is no easy feat. Here are some strategies you can use to entice your ideal passive candidate to switch jobs.

Open Your Wallet

No, money is not the only reason why people accept new positions, but no one can deny that salary is a strong motivator.  Even if your job is ideal for a candidate on paper, very few people would be willing to make a change for less money than they currently make. It is critical to offer passive candidates a competitive salary that is in line with the local market. If you offer them less, you’ll ruin the relationship. Do your best to find out what that person is currently making, and if you are able, raise it.

Polish Your Benefits Packages

The cost of health care is on the rise for everyone, and employees want to work for a company that offers a robust healthcare package at an affordable rate. If your organization offers rock-star health benefits, make sure and toot that horn loud and proud.

Benefits like health care are usually outside of your control, so if your plan is average, be prepared to offer other benefits like flexible scheduling, liberal sick and vacation leave, 401(k) matches, stock options, etc. The full benefits picture can turn a candidate’s head, especially if yours is more generous than the one they receive today.

Provide Student Loan Assistance

Looking for young talent? Offer to pay a portion of their student loans. High loan payments are the reason why many young people chase salary in their early years in the job market and student loan assistance will set you apart. Only 3 percent of employers currently offer a loan assistance program, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. These programs can be structured in several ways. Some companies reimburse employees for a portion of their bill annually for a period of five years, others offer a lump sum after 5 years, with an additional bonus sum paid out each year thereafter.

Offer Formal Development Programs

Talented employees want to grow over time and employers that value that desire will land and keep the best and the brightest. Tuition reimbursement, on-the-job-training, management development programs, and a culture of promoting within will help your organization attract passive candidates. When you can show your company is willing to invest in talent, talent will be more willing to invest in your organization.

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