In today’s culture, achieving satisfaction from work is about more than just a paycheck. Some employers may feel that offering high salaries should be enough, but top earners do expect a little more from their employers. Here are some of the expectations that your employees have when they earn a high salary.

High Earners Expect Commensurate Benefits

Employees who earn a higher salary expect that benefits will align with that salary. A high salary with few benefits isn’t financially advantageous for someone who has to fund their own retirement, pay for their family’s health insurance, and lacks a decent amount of paid time off.

According to a recent survey:

  • 66 percent of high-salary employees expect a 401(k) program
  • 51 percent of high-earners expect an employer match to that program
  • 82 percent expect excellent health benefits
  • 28 percent expect parental leave
  • 17 percent expect remote work opportunities

High-Salary Employees Want Work-Life Balance

High salaries are usually associated with greater responsibility, and employees do understand that. However, they do not want to be in a position where they feel that they are forced to choose between a satisfying work life and a satisfying personal life. Overworking employees leads to burnout, and burnout leads to turnover. It’s important to remember that after 50 hours per week, productivity actually decreases. Thanks to cloud computing, employers should feel more comfortable allowing employees to work from home every now and then, to give them a chance to experience better balance. Offering telework options and flexible scheduling doesn’t cost the company much at all, but it can pay dividends in terms of retaining top performers.

High Earners Want Opportunities To Develop

Your best employees will not be content to stay stagnant. They got where they are by continually learning and growing their skills, and they expect their employer to support them in their continued efforts to grow.  Sponsoring employees for professional conferences, paying dues to professional organizations and tuition assistance programs show top earners and performers that you are invested in their continued success.

High Performers Want A Sense of Purpose

Employees want to feel like their job has meaning and that they make valuable contributions to the organization. It is critical to keep your top earners and performers feeling connected to the mission and vision of the organization, so they feel like their work is truly valued by those at the top.

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