Is your job interview over lunch, or are you having a lunch meeting with your boss? Don’t overlook proper etiquette.

Things to remember:

• Wait to sit until the host is seated.
• Put your napkin in your lap once everyone is seated.

Selecting an item
• Choose your meal based on ease of eating, don’t order anything too busy.
• Never choose the most expensive item on the menu.
• If you need to ask the server questions, keep them simple and short.
• Never order alcohol at a lunch meeting.

Ready to eat
• Wait until everyone has been served their food before you pick up utensils.
• Use your utensils from the outside in.
• If there’s food in your mouth, keep your mouth closed and don’t try to talk.
• Cut food one piece at a time, use your knife to cut it. Don’t cut all your food at once.
• Cut with your knife in your dominant hand, then set down your utensils on the plate, switch to the fork and eat.

When the meal is over
• If you must pick your teeth, go to the restroom to do it.
• Never finish anyone else’s food.
• Thank your host for the meal.

Though these tips might seem trivial, common etiquette mistakes can cost you a job.

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