In today’s job market all companies who are hiring are having a tough time recruiting.  Unemployment is at a historic low and in-demand skills are extremely hard to find.  So, what are we to do?  Improve retention! Attempting to build your team without a solid retention plan is like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. One of the best ways to improve retention is to build a learning-based culture.  When employees are learning they stick with the company.  Learning builds people’s intellectual assets.  You are adding to their skill set by teaching them new things.  Newly learned skills are a value and help the person grow, get promoted, and remain marketable.

  • It starts with the leader. Lead by example.  Become a learning leader.  Share articles, white papers, lessons, and stories about how you learned something and it improved the business.
  • Run a book club or video learning club. Find a book or video series on a topic that your team can learn from. Have your team read a chapter a week and get together to discuss what you learned.
  • Participate in Networking and Community learning events for your industry. Get out and meet other people who are in your field to share ideas and war stories.
  • Bring in a speaker or pay to send people to a seminar.
  • Recognize and reward learning opportunities.
  • Assign a pro-active learner to mentor an ‘up-and-comer.’ Pay for their lunch together once a month, allow the wise to teach the hungry.

There are limitless ways to teach, and learning doesn’t have to break the budget.  It starts at the top.  If you teach them, they will stay!


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