As a group, Systems Personnel volunteered with Meals on Wheels in April. We went through a training program and tour of the facility, then were dispatched into the city to deliver meals to over 40 people in the east side and downtown Buffalo.

Jon was at a client visiting with several hiring managers. One of the employees happened to come to the facility that day to pick up his pay check, but was then asked to stick around and help with a few things around the office. This made the employee miss his bus, meaning he was going to have to wait for the next one or call a cab. Instead of letting the employee sit there, Jon drove the employee to his home on the east side of Buffalo.

Craig has partnered with Goodwill Industries in their mission to help their clients find employment. He has been conducting one-on-one interviews and providing tips and feedback for success. One client was called back for a second round and the improvement after one session was remarkable.

Lynn had a good client introduce us to a family member who had been out of work for a while. This person has a very unique skill set for the Buffalo area and was making a good salary. Lynn met with him and brainstormed manufacturers and other businesses in the area that may benefit from his skills. A good number of those companies were new to the candidate. They reviewed a game plan for this person to market himself to those companies. Lynn even forwarded his resume ‘gratis’ to a few of her contacts – hoping to drum up interest. The candidate is still looking – but is beginning to gain some traction on his search.

Sandy helped a friend move. Many people showed up to help and they were done in about 2 hours. Her friend was very appreciative to have all the help and he couldn’t believe how fast it went.

Christine received the e-mail below from a former candidate:

“I just wanted to Thank You. If you hadn’t done your job so well 18 years ago, I may not be where I am today. I have been blessed since my start at McAuley Seton 18 years ago. I’ve been able to meet great people, move around, move up and just learn so much. I am so grateful for that opportunity.

I probably wouldn’t recognize you on the street, but as soon as your name came up, a bell went off, what a cool day. I sincerely wish you a great day and many more.”

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