Tim came across a woman who had a flat tire. He stopped what he was doing to help her fix it. Instead of letting her struggle or wait for other help to arrive, he was able to get her back on the road in no time.

Craig has been working with the Veterans One Stop and works on employment counseling, resume re-writing, interview preparation, and job search planning. Since Craig has started working with the organization, Craig has helped five people land new jobs.

Ryan helped a friend from high school who recently went back to school for his accounting degree. For the past several months, Ryan’s friend has been struggling with his job search. Ryan helped him build a comprehensive job search plan, re-wrote the candidate’s resume, and shared some HR contacts at target companies. Since then the candidate has landed three interviews.

Christine coached a candidate who had been laid off after working for the same company for over 20 years! The candidate had several interviews but struggled with actuating her skills and experience. The candidate took the coaching very well and has been interviewing better!

The entire SPI team went to Children’s Hospital as a team event. We bought and distributed toys and books to dozens of children over three hospital floors. The looks on the faces of both the patients and their parents were priceless, as everyone was exceptionally happy and grateful.


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