As part of its mission to “Improve Lives Through Employment,” the team at Systems Personnel always strives to provide assistance for anyone – either through professional or personal connections.

Check out these great stories from our team from February!

Christine is helping a marketing professional who is unhappy in her current role.  Christine worked with this candidate to help improve their situation. The candidate went back and had a great conversation with her boss and they agreed it was not a great fit.  The candidate’s current boss is allowing her to look for new opportunities for the next two weeks while remaining employed.  Additionally, Christine was able to connect the candidate with a prominent local employer and the candidate has an interview scheduled.

Sandy was at a local grocery store during a particularly windy evening when she noticed carts all over the parking lot. Sandy went around and grabbed a number of the carts and returned them to the coral so they wouldn’t damage any vehicles.

Ryan had a family member who was struggling financially. Ryan sat down with this person and helped them build a budget that provided them the opportunity to live within their means, which has helped them tremendously.

Jay was on a walk with his wife when they passed an elderly woman attempting to bring a piece of furniture into her home by herself. Jay and his wife offered to help the struggling lady, which she gladly accepted. Jay helped bring the cabinet into the house and set it up exactly where the lady wanted it, and she was exceptionally grateful.

Craig and his nine-year-old daughter Victoria, wanted to brighten up the lives of some of folks in nursing homes for Valentine’s Day. They went to the store and loaded up the car with small potted plants and bouquets of flowers and went off to a local nursing home. When they arrived, they went through and delivered flowers to all of the ladies they came in contact with. Craig and Victoria loved seeing the smiles on their faces.

Lynn was salting her driveway and sidewalk after a recent icing in her neighborhood.  As she was doing so, Lynn noticed several walkers walking in the street because of the ice on the sidewalks, so Lynn spread salt on several of her neighbors’ sidewalks as well.

Mike helped a young professional with her job search, resume, and interviewing skills.  This person eventually landed a job on her own due in part to the assistance Mike provided, and she was overjoyed.

Jon was at a restaurant with a colleague when he heard an elderly man fall down. The man was with another person who didn’t know what to do. Jon got out of his seat and ran over to help. He talked to the man, understood his condition, and eventually helped him to his feet. The man was very grateful to Jon for his quick and courteous response.