At Systems Personnel, we take pride in helping in our professional and personal worlds by “Improving Lives.” Each month, we like to share our stories of inspiration to help others who may find some help in these stories.

Craig took an entry-level IT professional under his wing and worked to guide him through his job search plan and coached him on some difficult conversations he needed to have with a company that was stringing him along.

Sandy was at the mall and filled the gumball machines with money so some lucky boys and girls would get free candy.

Ryan helped a good friend who is looking to move back to Buffalo find employment. He connected him with several companies and now his friend is close to getting an offer with one of those companies.

Jack is spending time helping the friend of a candidate’s son. He’s fairly new to the workforce and lives outside of Western New York. Jack had helped his candidate’s son in the past with interviewing tips and her son landed the job he wanted. Jack is now doing similar work now for the son’s friend – making some resume changes to highlight his skills, giving job search guidance, and conducting interview perpetration as well.

Jason. While on a casual walk with his wife around the development where they live, noticed an elderly woman struggling with a piece of furniture, trying to get it through her door by herself. Jay and his wife walked up her driveway and asked if she needed any help. They came to realize that her name was Paulette, she lives by herself, and was attempting to carry a china cabinet into her home by herself because she didn’t have anyone to help her. She was grateful for the help and they placed the cabinet in her living room for her.

Christine worked with a candidate who was unhappy in her role; she was not doing what she loved to do. Having a conversation with her, they practiced on how she would have a talk with her boss to try and move into another area of the company. She had that talk, which went well, and she is now in another department within the company. The candidate now loves going to work every day!

Lynn spoke with a job seeker who felt she was struggling landing jobs. She would get the interview, but never the job. Lynn met with her for coffee on a Saturday and practiced answering typical interview questions.