Part of the mission at Systems Personnel is “Improving Lives Through Employment.” We want to improve the lives of everyone we work with.

A new series on the Systems Personnel website includes highlights some of the best success stories on a monthly basis. We want to share these stories with the community to inspire others to find fulfilling employment and furthering their career goals.

  • Ryan was working with an IT career contractor. The candidate had 10 years of professional IT experience, all in contracting. Being the father of an 18-month-old, the candidate wanted to land a direct-hire position to provide stability to his life and find benefits for his family. This candidate is on a visa and often would get nervous during interviews. Ryan spent a lot of time helping the candidate with interview prep, coaching and walking him through what to expect with each step of the interview process. All of that hard work for the candidate paid off when he landed his dream job that provided stability and benefits for his family!
  • Jack was working with an ambitious and bright young developer. This candidate was still in school when Jack first met him, but Jack worked with the candidate as they were introduced through Jack’s colleague. Jack stayed in touch with this candidate while he finished school and helped with interview preparation even though Systems Personnel wasn’t going to be representing him. The candidate ended up landing the job, which resulted in a $12,000 raise and made a significant impact on the candidate getting married and purchasing a house!
  • Craig met a young candidate several years ago and fell out of touch with him. Craig recently ran into him again at a networking event where they caught up. This candidate now works for a start-up company in the sales department, but he admitted that he was in over his head at his job. Craig met the candidate after hours and helped train him on best practices in sales and selling techniques. Craig is now a mentor to the candidate and excited to see how his career progresses.
  • Christine met an unemployed candidate who was looking for a new job.  Christine helped the candidate with his resume and interviewing techniques.  Although Systems Personnel didn’t represent the candidate, he did land a new job, in large part because of Christine’s help. After receiving the job offer, the candidate sent a thoughtful thank you e-mail to Christine for her expertise and guidance.
  • Jon had a client reach out asking to help her son, who is a recent engineering graduate looking for a job. Although the engineering field isn’t something Systems Personnel deals with a lot, Jon sat down with this candidate and helped him map out a list of companies from Buffalo through Rochester. Jon helped the candidate develop a job search plan and how to approach the plan. The candidate ended up securing a new job from the list that Jon and the candidate created together.





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