Deciding whether or not to join a company is no easy task. Job decisions have a major impact on your life, your family and the trajectory of your finance career. If you want to increase the chances that you will love your job and thrive with a potential employer, you must consider some key factors throughout the course of the interview process.

Potential for Growth and Development

If an employer is not willing to invest in your long-term success, you don’t have a future there. You want to join a company that cares about your growth and wants you to contribute to their growth over time. Throughout the interview process, ask questions about the ways in which the company develops their employees and whether or not there is a clear path for career growth from your starting position. If they are evasive or have no track record of investing in long-term development, consider it a red flag.

Cultural Alignment

One of the biggest factors that will determine your level of job satisfaction is cultural alignment. That is, how your personality and work style meshes with the culture of the organization. If, for example, you thrive in a structured, tightly managed corporate environment, you might not enjoy working at a small business with the relaxed come-as-you-are approach of a startup. As you speak with members of the hiring team, be sure to get a good picture of the work environment and the style of management in which you will be working.

Values Alignment

In finance, values matter. Just ask anyone who was burned in The Great Recession. Make sure that any potential employer has values that align with your own. You cannot be happy working at a firm with guiding principles you do not respect. Be sure to ask questions about the company’s vision, goals, mission and values. Do a little extra research on your own to see what the firm’s reputation is like in the marketplace, as well.


It makes sense that as a finance professional, you should want to align yourself with an employer that has a solid, stable financial future. Be sure to do some digging on metrics and factors such as reported earnings, profits, assets and liabilities, market share, layoffs, etc. This data will give you an idea of how stable the company is and whether or not you should consider trusting your career to their team.

Increase Your Chances of Making the Right Career Choice

Choosing the right employer is arguably as important as choosing the right spouse. Unlike dating, however, you only get a few meetings in which to make a decision. If you want to increase the chances that you will get matched with a position where you will succeed over the long haul, work with a professional finance recruiter.

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