Millennials don’t stay at jobs as long as previous generations. They are known as job hoppers and notorious opportunity seekers. With this in mind, how can you hire the best and brightest millennial IT talent?

It Might Be Time To “Get Over” Job Hopping

Historically, job hoppers have been avoided in most any candidate search. Someone with “too many” jobs is often cast off as disloyal and far too risky. However, hiring managers that toss out applicants with a lengthy work history could be missing out on bright young talent.

This is the reality of today: Millennials change jobs four or more times by the age of 32. There are several reasons why they choose not to stick with a job, especially in technology. IT salaries are on the rise and in the face of crippling college debt, it just makes sense to follow the money. millennials also value the opportunity to make a real contribution to their workplace, and they move around to find companies where they feel they have an impact.

To compete for young talent, hiring managers must step out of their traditional comfort zone and be prepared to give job hoppers a chance. After all, you never know why someone hopped jobs unless you ask.

Millennials Demand Flexibility

Generation Y was the first to grow up with the internet, and because they have always been connected, they are fully aware that they can work from anywhere, at any time. Companies that fail to offer some type of flexibility in the workplace struggle to recruit young talent, and will continue to struggle as Generation Z begins to enter the workforce in the next few years.

Millennials want to work for companies that provide the best technology and opportunities to achieve work-life balance through flexibility. This is especially true in IT and tech positions, where millennials know exactly what type of technology is available in the market.

Long-Term Career Development and Mission Driven Companies Matter

When it comes to IT, skills development is a must. Pros that fail to keep their skills sharp and who don’t evolve in step with technology will lose out, and millennials know this. However, given the average size of their student loan bills, they don’t want to shell out even more money on classes and certification exams. They are looking for organizations that value both skill development and long-term leadership and career development and are willing to invest in growing their employees over time.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, when it comes to development, millennials are specifically looking for access to leadership development opportunities, the opportunity to learn new skills and to participate in peer mentoring programs.  Programs like these will not only help attract young talent but can also solve the conundrum of how to retain millennials once they are hired.

Additionally, millennials are driven by adding value to a higher purpose.  Naturally, millennials are drawn to companies with a higher purpose.  If culture and mission have ever mattered in attracting and keeping talent it is now!

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