3 Things to do when preparing to interview – 4 If you watch the video

No matter how substantial a companies’ HR team is, hiring new talent is never a walk in the park. There are resumes across multiple platforms to sift through, cover letters to read over, and interviews to conduct before any type of choice can be made. Chances are if this is a coveted position, there will be other candidates that have similar credentials, so interviewers are looking for something to jump out of the page that screams “unique”. It is then your job to convince them that you have as many great assets as your resume says, and that you can offer something that no other candidates will.

Take some prep time before the interview to ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the last time I contributed something substantial in my previous positions?

Think back on your relevant employment history and find concrete examples of how you positively contributed to a workplace conflict or acted as a catalyst for growth within the company. Write it down if you think you will forget, but having examples of your performance gives potential employers insight to your work habits and motivation to succeed.

  1. What are my goals for growth within the potential company?

Ideally it is easier for companies to hire within, so interviewers will be eager to learn that you strive for growth outside of your position. Asking interviewers key questions like “What is my position in relation to the company?” and “What is the structure of positions at the company?” will gain you a better understanding of who you will be working for and how fast growth can happen for you.

  1. How can I portray myself authentically in a professional setting?

Inauthenticity is the easiest way to cut your interview short. Being forced or desperate in any way reads loudly, especially in an interview setting, so take some time cultivating your image in a way that feels comfortable to you. Wear clothing that makes you look sharp and confident, and be conscious of how natural your body language is during the interview so that the interviewers feel comfortable being around you as well. Even if it sounds silly, record yourself and a peer conducting a trial interview in order to see how you do under the pressure of being recorded as well—chances are you’ll be able to point out any awkwardness or hesitation and fix it before the actual interview.

  1. For a powerful video that will help you prepare mentally for an interview click on this link:


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