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Use Networking Events not your Phone - Blog

Use Networking Events

Use Networking Events, not your phone, to find your next job! In a fast paced and highly connected world, it can be hard to detach from your device and focus on creating connections in real time. Sparking a true connection with industry professionals takes a certain...

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Team Building - Blog

Team Building is a Must Have

The importance of team building Building a strong, collaborative, team is not easy. It takes work to keep your team performing optimally.  One of the best ways to help strengthen bonds is to organize team building events. By getting the team interacting away from the...

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Reducing New Hire Failure Rate - Blog

How to Reduce New Hire Failure Rate – Part 1

How to Reduce New Hire Failure Rate – Part 1 Take a look at Jim's video! - New hire success rate is horrible. 50% workers fail within first 6 months – Humetrics 82% newly hired professionals “Miss the Mark” – Gallop...

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Staffing Vendor - Blog

Staffing Vendor Friend or Foe?

Staffing vendor Friend or Foe? Is your staffing vendor a friend or a foe? On the one hand a friend because they found you a resource you couldn’t find on your own, on the other hand a foe because they charged a high fee for someone who didn’t stay employed. You fear...

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Whatever it takes - Blog

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to Succeed?

“Whenever you find great achievement, you find an individual who is absolutely clear about what her or she wants to do, and is willing to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to achieve it.”         -Brian Tracy Are you where you want to be in life? If...

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rearview mirror - Blog

Stop looking behind you… Start looking forward!

Are you driving while looking out your rear-view mirror? The reason the rear-view mirror in your car is so small compared to the windshield is because we are taught to drive while looking ahead, not behind. While it is helpful to gaze briefly in the rear-view mirror...

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Interview 1049x675 - Blog

Preparing For An Interview?

3 Things to do when preparing to interview – 4 If you watch the video No matter how substantial a companies’ HR team is, hiring new talent is never a walk in the park. There are resumes across multiple platforms to sift through, cover letters to read over, and...

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