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rearview mirror - Blog

Stop looking behind you… Start looking forward!

Are you driving while looking out your rear-view mirror? The reason the rear-view mirror in your car is so small compared to the windshield is because we are taught to drive while looking ahead, not behind. While it is helpful to gaze briefly in the rear-view mirror...

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Interview 1049x675 - Blog

Preparing For An Interview?

3 Things to do when preparing to interview – 4 If you watch the video No matter how substantial a companies’ HR team is, hiring new talent is never a walk in the park. There are resumes across multiple platforms to sift through, cover letters to read over, and...

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Motivating team 940x675 - Blog

Trouble Motivating Your Team?

Trouble motivating your team?  Try this for success!... We all want to live a rich life, whatever that means.  Some people want money and power, others want prestige and recognition.  Some of us just want respect, and most everyone wants happiness.  Americans want big...

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resume writing tips 2 - Blog

Resume Writing Tips

So you have to write a resume and it has been a while. Where do you start? First, you have to decide how many pages your resume will occupy. Should you keep it to one page? Is more than two pages too much? If you are an entry level job searcher, or have less than five...

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Killer questions to wow the hiring manager 2 - Blog

Killer Interview Questions To WOW The Hiring Manager

I have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates, friends and family prepare for employment interviews. I am frequently asked, “What questions should I be prepared to answer in my interview?” There are several questions you should be prepared to answer. What...

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Job search tips 2 - Blog

Job Search Tips

Congratulations, you have decided to jump into the job market! How do you go about finding the job of your dreams? It isn’t difficult to find jobs to apply for, but it may be more difficult than you think to land a “good job.” To find job openings all you need to do...

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Interview Tips 2 - Blog

Interview Tips

Whether you are interviewing for an Internship or a Vice President position, you should assume there is stiff competition for the role. Prepare for your interview as if you are an underdog. Assume it is going to be a close race, and do the small things that can...

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3 Reasons to be more consistent as a Leader - Blog

3 Reasons to Be More Consistent as a Leader

Reason 1. An old horse farmer told me so. I have a long-term client who is a high- level executive in a healthcare company and he runs a farm on the side. Over lunch one day he told me the secret to getting the most work out of a team of horses is the same as getting...

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Chill out Have you lost any men today 1024x675 - Blog

Chill out… Have you lost any men today?…

One of my clients was a CIO at a large healthcare company.  He enjoyed sharing his leadership insights with me.  At the time, he had a large project that was going badly. It was a serious situation that eventually cost him his job.  In the midst of the bedlam, I asked...

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