IT security professionals are in high demand, and that demand shows no signs slowing any in the near future.  As companies become more dependent upon technology and as that technology becomes more mobile, keeping systems and data from leaking out becomes more critical and more complex. According to PayScale, these are the IT security jobs making the most money in today’s market.

IT Security Consultant

National Salary Range: $51,518-$126,021

Security consultants are called on to manage a variety of tasks that vary greatly from organization to organization and assignment to assignment. Companies typically look for consultants with very specific skill sets and industry knowledge based on their unique needs. Professionals hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, hold certifications in their area of expertise and have several years of real-world experience under their belts.

Global Information Security Director

National Salary Range: $40,530-$151,638

When a security breach occurs, GISDs are responsible for coordinating the response. Since breaches do not occur every day, they are also tasked with managing other security projects throughout the company. They should have industry-specific knowledge regarding rules, regulations and compliance, should be certified in relevant areas of information security and typically hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Lead Software Security Engineer

National Salary Range: $58,800 – $123,501

The job descriptions for lead software security engineers can vary greatly from company to company, but they are responsible for overseeing a variety of security aspects of applications within an enterprise. Some hold advanced degrees, but it is possible to become a lead security engineer with a bachelor’s degree, relevant certifications and several years of experience.

Director of Security

National Salary Range: $70,996-$182,236

Security director positions can vary in responsibility and salary depending on the size, location and industry of the organization. However, they are generally responsible for minimizing the risk of a breach while overseeing compliance with security procedures both within the IT department and across the organization as a whole.

Application Security Manager

National Salary Range: $98,044-$176,886

Every application that is used within the company needs to be evaluated for basic security standards and if necessary, modified. This is typically the job of the application security manager. Professionals usually have a bachelor’s degree and security certifications.

Cybersecurity Engineer

National Salary Range: $53,582-$124,764

Security professionals who enjoy testing often find themselves working as cybersecurity engineers. These professionals work to keep networks and applications secure against potential threats. Cybersecurity engineers typically hold a minimum of a B.S. in computer science as well as several cybersecurity certifications.

Lead Security Engineer

National Salary Range: $73,609-$148,171

Like many security positions, lead engineers’ responsibilities can vary greatly from job to job, but they are almost always responsible for reviewing procedures and reviewing code for security vulnerabilities as well as implementing security tools and protocols.

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