Systems Personnel takes pride in our motto of “Improving Lives Through Employment.” One aspect of that company value comes in meeting with local professionals on a quarterly basis with our Strategic Alliance meetings.

The Strategic Alliance meetings are like a graduate level class, opening with the members networking and followed by 90 minutes of learning about predetermined topics.

The four Strategic Alliance areas include information technology, accounting/finance, HR (hiring managers) and HR generalists, recruiters and other HR staff members.


Upcoming Events:

  • Accounting/Finance Strategic Alliance: March 2017 – location and date TBD
  • Human Resources Strategic Alliance: January/February 2017 – location and date TBD
  • Generalist and Recruiters Strategic Alliance: January/February 2017 – location and date TBD
  • Information Technology Strategic Alliance: January 2017 –location and date TBD
  • Friends and Family event: January 2017 – location, date and time TBD

Previous Events

  • Accounting/Finance Strategic Alliance: 12/6/2016 at Mod-Pac
  • Financial Executives International: 11/15/2016 at Samuel’s Grande Manor
  • Human Resources Strategic Alliance: 10/13/2016 at Mod-Pac
  • Generalist and Recruiters Strategic Alliance:: 10/13/2016 at HealthNow
  • Information Technology Strategic Alliance: 9/13/2016 at Catholic Health

For more information, contact Systems Personnel at 716-677-2667.