Systems analysts are tasked with researching, planning, coordinating and recommending technology choices that help drive a business forward. This role is integral in the systems development process, and companies typically evaluate potential systems analyst candidates in four main areas: technical skills, analytical skills, managerial abilities and interpersonal communication skills. Included in all four of those major categories is the ability to teach and motivate others to adopt new systems.

If a systems analyst is unable to facilitate end-user buy-in to the software and systems they advocate for, adoption of those systems will suffer. And when adoption is slow, processes become disjointed, accuracy and efficiency suffer and the company loses money on its significant technology investment.

Why Teaching Skills Matter For Systems Analysts                                                       

Systems analysts must take user requests into account when developing system specs, making SAs the main liaison between vendors and the professionals of the company they represent. Teaching comes into play throughout that process in areas such as:

  • Soliciting customer input: SAs must know the right questions to ask in order to drill down to users’ true needs and requirements.
  • Working with designers: Analysts must be able to convey those user requirements to the design team, which often requires explaining the “why” behind the “what.”
  • Overseeing testing: Overseeing live tests requires SAs to be able to teach those guinea pigs how to use the system.
  • Facilitating ongoing training efforts: SAs are integral when it comes to user training on new systems and processes. They may be asked to consult with trainers, work with vendors or direct training sessions.

How to Highlight Teaching Ability

If you want to give yourself an edge over the competition on your systems analyst job search, highlight your teaching and motivation ability throughout the hiring process. On your resume, make sure to include projects on which you took the lead, where you were tasked with training staff on new systems or where you participated in initiatives to improve user buy-in.

During interviews, as you are asked to describe past experiences, make sure to revisit the projects you listed on your resume. Describe in detail how you taught and motivated teams, and be able to demonstrate the impact your efforts had on system adoption and ROI of new programs.

Systems analysts are essential in today’s fast-moving healthcare technology environment. If you are an experienced systems analyst in healthcare IT seeking new opportunities, the recruiters at Systems Personnel are interested in hearing from you. We connect Western New York’s premier health systems and their partners with top talent like you. Search our current openings online or contact us to start the conversation.

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