The importance of team building

Building a strong, collaborative, team is not easy. It takes work to keep your team performing optimally.  One of the best ways to help strengthen bonds is to organize team building events. By getting the team interacting away from the stress of work, they can more effectively from new, and strengthen existing, relationships. A strong bond in a team is critical for success.  A bonded team looks out for each other and works together to achieve common goals.

4 categories of team building events

Educational events are popular with employers.  Offsite training removes office distractions and conveys that the company cares about professional development. Though off-site events may add additional cost; the perception is that the organization is investing to develop important skills and employees tend to learn better.

Educational events can also include historical tours, museums, and even visiting vineyards. People like these types of events because you can have some fun while learning about new things. Because events like these are not work-skill specific, it fosters conversations that allow people to know each other on a different level.

Recreational include picnics, going to a park, visiting a beach, and having a gathering at a team member’s home. Many times, these events are employer-funded and includes some free time during normal office hours. Including family at these events is a great way to learn more about your team. By seeing your team in a different light, you are encouraging better relationships that help your team bond, become closer, and encourage more effective communication.

For in office events, simple things like board games or even reading a book together are good ideas. Here at Systems Personnel, we have weekly events that encourage communication. We’ve found that our rotating Friday breakfast during training provides a relaxed atmosphere where we all share ideas about how we all can improve individually and as an organization.


Volunteering is another great way to build a stronger bond within your team. They will be doing something great for the community while working together. What a team develops when they volunteer together is sustainable. A team that volunteers together stays together.


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