Job seeking can go by the wayside during the busy holiday season. Between parties, shopping, family time, school breaks, traveling and eating, who has time to think about resumes and interviews and follow ups? Follow these tips to stay on track with your financial job search, despite the hectic time of year.

Stick To Your Schedule

Have you set a goal for yourself such as applying for two targeted finance positions a week? Stick to it. Even if you have to grab your laptop while watching holiday cartoons with your kids, don’t let yourself slack on keeping your weekly goals. Reward yourself with a holiday gift if you stick to your plan through the holiday season.

Leverage Holiday Events

Every professional organization hosts holiday networking events and many companies host holiday open houses. These events are well-attended as people feel obligated to socialize as the year winds to a close. Forget about networking at these events and attend the functions in the mindset of enjoying a holiday party with people who have similar interests. Yes, you can have a goal of making a certain amount of new connections, but if you walk in the door with the mentality of having fun (not too much fun!) for a few hours during the holiday season, your comfortable mindset can lead to improved results.

Take Your Job Search With You

Lots of people travel in November and December, and much of that travel is about spending time with family. You love your family, of course, but everyone needs a break now and then. Make sure to bring your laptop and job search materials with you. Get up early one or two mornings and visit a coffee shop for a latte and an hour or two of job searching before the activities of the day begin. Or use it as a convenient excuse to skip Uncle Frank’s annual accordion recital.

Let A Recruiter Do The Work

Financial job searches take a great deal of time and effort. No matter how motivated you want to stay during the holiday season, it can be difficult. Why not let someone else do the legwork for you this winter? A niche finance recruiter will take the time to get to know you, your experience, your goals and your preferences. They will work to match you with the right opportunities, and they will do some “advance” work with the hiring manager, talking you up and selling you as a candidate before your interview.

As an added bonus, recruiters actively work to fill positions that are not advertised to the general public, so you get the inside track on private openings you’d never know if you stuck to browsing job boards and cold-calling your target companies.

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