Use Networking Events, not your phone, to find your next job! In a fast paced and highly connected world, it can be hard to detach from your device and focus on creating connections in real time. Sparking a true connection with industry professionals takes a certain approach and with conscientious effort, you can prove your worth to the right people. Networking events are one of the most important ways to connect with people in your industry. It is vital you make a lasting impression, even if the occasion seems tedious. The thing about these events is that there are always bound to be a few unexpected attendees, ones that could open new doors for a business opportunity. Keeping an open mind and a high energy level is important if a lasting and positive impression is to be made. With that being said, here are a few suggestions for attracting the right people at networking events: Treat the event as an opportunity for awareness as well as growth. Instead of keeping in mind nearsighted goals like finding a new job, broaden your scope to learn more about the industry itself. Take in the successes and failures of peers and competitors alike, because there is always something to be gained from inside, personalized knowledge. Find what you’re genuinely excited about & talk about it. Nothing attracts others to your energy more than genuine passion, so even if you’re dragging your feet in your profession, take some time to rediscover what makes you tick and tell people about it. Tell the right people about it. Don’t hesitate to pay it forward with your new connections. Stay in contact with the influential people you meet. Invite them to connect on Linked-In or get their business card and send a follow up email asking them to get together. Long lasting business relationships are founded on trust and mutual benefits, so when one of your contacts helps you connect with an opportunity, thank them and make sure you repay the favor. Make sure to network even if things aren’t going well. There’s nothing that will scare away potential business partners more than the scent of desperation, so make sure to attend these kinds of events in good spirits with the mentality of abundance and prosperity. First impressions are everything and it’s worthwhile to spend time reaching out even if your contact list feels full.


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