Employers are catching up on social media. Watch what you post more than ever!

Here are tips on how to keep your social media private and appropriate for the eyes of an employer.

Tip #1:

Watch what you post!

The best and easiest way to make sure employers see good things on your social media is by watching what you post. Do not post anything inappropriate, slanderous, or incriminating. It is common for employers to review prospective employees’ Social Media pages prior to hiring. In doing so, they will review your posts, your photos, and may make assumptions based on what they see. Before writing or posting anything ask yourself, would I want a prospective employer to see/read this? Always remember, employers will look at your postings. Keep things PG and appropriate!

Tip #2:

Delete old posts!

In your younger years you may have posted something you would not want a future employer seeing… delete these old posts whenever possible or at least make them private. We recommend completely deleting anything that is inappropriate, this will avoid the possibility of having the content reposted or made public by someone in your network. If this is not possible, many platforms now have a feature to quickly and easily make older posts private or only viewable to your friends list. This is a great feature for people who were previously very active on social platforms but no longer are or those who realize some of their older posts may be questionable to outside viewers

Tip #3:

Make your profile entirely private!

Nearly all platforms have options to make everything in your profile entirely private except for profile pictures. This is a wonderful way to keep your personal life separate from your professional life. If you aren’t aware of this feature, it allows you to make your profiles completely private and only accessible from your personal network. Other individuals would have to send you a connection request for them to be able to view any content on your profile. Although employers would have to send a connection request you should still be watchful of the items you share and post.

Always remember, anything posted online is never entirely private. Individuals can easily take these posts and share them with other individuals. Chances are, things you would not want your employer to see they may still see if you put online. The best tip is to always be watchful of anything you post online and make public, even to friends and family.

If you are looking for your next opportunity be sure to double and triple check each of your social platforms. Follow these three quick and easy tips to keep these accounts private and appropriate for the eyes of your next employer.


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