What Are You Worth?  You nailed the interview. You answered all their questions, impressed them with your work history and skill set, and got along great with the hiring team. Then comes the question – How much are you looking to make? You ask for too much, and you lose the opportunity. Ask for too little, and you devalue yourself.  How do you know what is a fair salary for your skills? 

  1. Do your research – use online tools to start defining the industry pay ranges.

– PayScale.com — collects ongoing salary data directly from visitors. 

– Salary.com — collects salary data from companies and customizes it to location, size of the company, etc. 

– CareerJournal.com — has articles about salary trends. 

– Bureau of Labor Statistics — supplies surveys of corporate payroll data and employee questionnaires. 

– Glassdoor.com — may have previous employee salaries or salaries from similar positions. 

  1. Network – talking to people in the field is the best way to get current, local information. Ask your local recruiting companies or talk to people in similar roles.
  2. Know the value of your skills – understand how your skills, training, and assets fit into the company’s plan. If they don’t hire you, what would they have to pay someone else with your background and expertise?

By spending a few hours preparing, you will be able to recognize if the offer you receive is fair in today’s market. Next time a potential employer asks you what you are looking to make you can begin negotiations from an informed and prepared position.


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