Working with a Recruiter, what to expect and how can they help?

What to expect when working with a Recruiter (Agency Recruiter); What do you get out of working with a Recruiter?


When you’re working with a skilled recruiter, it makes all the difference, they can help open doors to your dream company, coach you on what works and doesn’t work during interviews for specific clients-all things that can be extremely valuable during your interview process.

How you end up working with a recruiter, these tips are intended to guide you on how to foster a positive relationship and get the most out of your partnership.


  • A good recruiter will understand a candidate’s career goals, background motivations, and intangible needs. They can look past resumes and job descriptions and bring common sense, expertise, and human touch to the job search process allowing you to steer the “ship” on your journey.


  • A good recruiter can help keep your search confidential instead of sending a resume into the “void” of the internet postings.  They often open additional job opportunities you don’t know about-you could be missing out on opportunities by only relying on job-search websites. Recruiters give you access to jobs that are confidentially advertised or not posted on the internet.


  • Recruiters often have a direct relationship with the hiring manager; Many times, scheduling an interview without sending the resume, because of their “Relationship” with the hiring manager and the ability to understand both the clients’ needs and the candidate’s background by listening and asking questions and presenting the details verbally.


  • Recruiters will walk you through the entire process, you are not alone! We set up the interview, provide interview tips, get direct feedback from the client, and complete salary negotiates on your behalf. No need to worry, we get paid based on a fee that


  • Either way, working with a recruiter has absolutely NO FEE to you!


Recruiters can be strong allies at any point in your career and can also help improve your odds of finding a good position. Whether you are actively seeking a new engagement or not, keeping in touch with a Recruiter will be beneficial in many ways by providing career advice, invites to networking groups and they become your recruiter for life!


What’s your next step?

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