What to expect when you work with a Recruiter and how can they help?

When you are working with a skilled recruiter, your job search becomes less of a burden. A skilled recruiter will help you build an enticing resume, a resume that will get you an interview. They will also coach you on what works and doesn’t work during interviews.

What are some things you can expect from a skilled recruiter?

  • A good recruiter will understand your career goals, background motivations, and intangible needs.
  • A skilled recruiter will keep your search confidential when you need it to be.
  • They will ensure you are exposed to the hidden job market. Recruiters give you access to jobs that are confidential and not advertised on the job boards. Many companies give their top recruiting agency all of their jobs without ever posting them on any job boards.
  • A skilled recruiter will land you an interview. Sometimes without even sending your resume over. Having close relationships with hiring manager provides you a better opportunity of getting noticed and interviewed.
  • A good recruiter will match both your skills to the client’s needs. This allows us to make a perfect match between a job seeker and an employer.
  • Your resume will not be passed over, we will verbally present your profile to the hiring manager. A resume can only say so much, by having a conversation with the hiring manager they will have a better understanding of your skills.
  • You are not alone, when you work with a recruiter you are working with a partner. We will coach and guide you the entire way.
  • A skilled recruiter will provide you with multiple opportunities. You decide where you want your resume to be presented.
  • No need to negotiate salary, we do that for you. We get paid a fee off your first-year salary. We want you to get paid as much as reasonably possible. Who better to negotiate for you than someone who gets paid off what you make?
  • Working with a recruiter means absolutely NO FEE to you!

Recruiters can be strong allies at any point in your career. Whether you are actively seeking a new engagement or not, keeping in touch with a recruiter will be beneficial in many ways. When you work with a recruiter at Systems Personnel, you have a recruiter for life.


What’s your next step?

Send us your resume today and one of our top recruiters will be in contact to help you find your next role.

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