The interview may be the most important piece of getting a job but the research you do beforehand can make or break your chance.

The golden rule is to research the company’s website. It’s important to review their company history, values, and executive team.

Let’s be honest though – everyone is going to do that. You want to take it to the next level.

Google them. Take a look at their recent accomplishments, press releases, news articles and new hires. LinkedIn is a great tool to research the executive team and their career history. It’s also a good idea to view your interviewer’s LinkedIn as well.

Print out the job description and bring it with you to the interview. When you sit down place it to the side and let your interviewer see that you’re prepared. You may also want to print out company information as it’s a discrete way of saying yes I did my homework!

Not only should you research the company, you should also research its competitors. Knowing the competition shows your interviewer that you’re willing to go above and beyond to learn about the company.

Quite frequently when I’m speaking with candidates they say they don’t prepare a list of questions for their interview beforehand. Huge mistake. Your questions are your time to interview them. Whether it be about the company or the position. You must prepare a list of questions.

After you’re done researching the company don’t forget to research yourself. With social media being so popular, you want to know what an employer might find out about you. Review your social media sites and Google yourself to ensure that you will give your interviewer a good digital impression.


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