One of the most common factors associated with a job is compensation. “How much does this position pay?” is one of the questions that we get asked the most. However, one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is that money isn’t always everything. When looking for a new career, a large salary can often overshadow everything else. Before you pull the trigger on a position that has more money, take the time to draw out the pros and cons of leaving your current job. According to an article by CBS News, “Ready to Quit? 5 bad reasons to leave your job,” they tend to agree. If you are considering a new job that pays more money, consider a few things:


  •  Amount of hours
  • Personality of your new boss
  • Personalities of your new co-workers
  • Benefits/Incentives in the new position
  • Cost of living comparison (if in a different location)


These are very important factors that may get overlooked when you’re initially presented with a position that offers more money. A higher salary will definitely give you short term gratification; however, the additional factors above will ensure your long-term success. Changing your career is not a small decision so make sure you have considered all of the factors in play. If you’re going through an employment agency they will be able to assist you with the decision. However, if you’ve been pursuing a new job on your own, feel free to call us for career advice.


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