Your cover letter is a vital part of your job search. Make the employer want to read your
resume! It tells your potential boss about, not only the position you are seeking but why
you are the best person for that job. Remember, you have a maximum of 20 seconds to
wow the person that is reading your cover letter, so make sure you maximize its impact
by making it dynamic!

A cover letter has the following essential parts:

Heading and Salutation:
Include your name, address, a phone number where you are best reached, and an
email address that you check regularly. Then address your cover letter to a
specific individual, hopefully, the person in charge of interviewing or hiring.


The opening paragraph should include details about the position you are pursuing
and your skills that match the job requirements. Make sure that you explain how
your values and goals align with the culture of the organization. Convince the
reader that you are a great fit for the position!

Unique Selling Proposition:

Your “USP” explains why you are better qualified to do the job than anyone
else. It must answer the question, “Why should I interview or hire this person?”
Here is your opportunity to spark the employer’s interest! Provide details about
what you can offer, your experience as it relates to the desired position, and how
you stand out from all the other job seekers.


The closing restates your main points and reveals your follow up plan. Ask for
the interview (and don’t forget to make that follow up call!) Oh, and make sure to
spell check. It’s easy to overlook a mistake and ruin your hard work.


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