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Providing custom staffing solutions, HR management staffing and project management expertise to payers and providers.

Dan Rydelek - Bureau Veritas

Your service is above the others which is why we work with Systems Personnel. I feel Systems provides a “personal touch” that I have not experienced with other agencies, and I have great respect and trust for Jim Jr.

Sally Eisenmann - Health Now

In my opinion your agency’s quality of service is above the others I have worked with. Understanding the job requirements and adequately screening potential candidates is an importance aspect of job placement, which in turn saves the client time and money. The recruiter was very thorough in the requirements gathering and candidate screening process.

Dana Grady - Seevast

The quality of service was above all others. We used other agencies for our search as well. They sent a large number of candidates over however, only one was even in the same ballpark as the candidates from Systems. I continue to be impressed with the quality of candidates each time we’ve used Systems. I just can’t find this quality using Monster or advertising.


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