Reason 1. An old horse farmer told me so.

I have a long-term client who is a high- level executive in a healthcare company and he runs a farm on the side. Over lunch one day he told me the secret to getting the most work out of a team of horses is the same as getting the most out of your professional team….consistency. He said, “If you treat a person or a horse nice one day and mean or bad the next, they won’t work for you. You have to be the same every day so they know what to expect from you.”


Reason 2. Avoid the highs and the lows.

If you get too excited when one of your team members performs well, or too pissed off when someone lets you down, you lose effectiveness as a leader. You have to save your exuberance for a special occasion. Over-enthusiasm can be seen as dis-ingenuine. And heaven help you if you lose your temper, and yell or scream. Extreme negative emotion is the fastest way to drive people out the door.


Reason 3. Clint Eastwood is consistent.

Dirty Harry has grown to become an unbelievable director as well as an acclaimed actor. The stars who act for Client Eastwood the Director say he is always calm and cool when on his set. You can tell when he gets mad, but he doesn’t have to say anything to let you know. It all runs like clockwork. If the coolest guy in Hollywood is consistent every day, it must be the way to live our lives…as leaders, cowboys, farmers, men, and women.


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