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Old Office toast 3 1080x675 - Blog

Old Office Sendoff

After 20 years in the Southgate Plaza a group of SPI team members said goodbye to the old office with a champagne toast. Systems Personnel moved in to Southgate in 1997 and went through four major expansions in this office. Many many personal and professional...

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Be Careful to Avoid These 4 Post Promotion Traps 1024x675 - Blog

Be Careful to Avoid These 4 Post-Promotion Traps

Congratulations on getting that promotion you worked so hard for! Of course, this is a great cause for celebration with a nice glass of wine and your friends, so don’t hesitate to enjoy it. We don’t want to start on the negative note but a promotion can become...

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How to Negotiate a Salary Increase 1024x675 - Blog

How to Negotiate a Salary Increase

Everyone reaches the point when they want to negotiate a salary increase with their employer. Of course, this kind of a situation can be uncomfortable for many people, but you can truly make a difference for your career if you know what you’re doing and the best way...

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How to Stop Hating Your Job 1024x675 - Blog

How to Stop Hating Your Job

If you hate your job, you need to discover where the frustration is coming from and what you can to stop hating your job. In general, any frustration you feel at work is because your expectations about something were not met. Are you feeling any of the following:...

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7 Secrets to Setting Career Goals That Stick 1024x675 - Blog

7 Secrets to Setting Career Goals That Stick

Regardless of whether you want to change your career, boost it with a better position or you’re still in the process of finding the perfect first job, you should keep in mind the importance of setting career goals that stick. Otherwise, the process of it all may...

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