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Outlook Tips & Tricks – Microsoft Apps

Are you ever working through Outlook and think “There has to be a better way to do this…”? Well, there probably is! Office applications have a lot of functionalities that are generally overlooked. If you are an advanced user, you may know a lot of these tricks....

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How to Work Effectively with Recruiters

How to Work Effectively with Executive Recruiters and Executive Search Consultants   Talk to Us Client companies use executive recruiters to gain access to candidates that they would have a hard time reaching on their own.  As a professional, even if you are...

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Working with a Recruiter, what to expect…

Working with a Recruiter, what to expect and how can they help? What to expect when working with a Recruiter (Agency Recruiter); What do you get out of working with a Recruiter?   When you’re working with a skilled recruiter, it makes all the difference, they can...

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Are you in the Buffalo job Market?…

Are you in the Buffalo Job Market?... It is more important than ever to use a good recruiter! Finding an IT, Technology, Finance, Human Resources, or any job in Buffalo has gotten more difficult since the Covid-19 Virus hit.  How do you stand out when there are so...

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Consultant – Differentiating yourself on paper

Differentiating yourself on paper - Landing an Interview Are you a Consultant and feel you are being passed over multiple opportunities? Continue reading to find out what can help your resume shine above the rest. Too many resumes simply do not do justice to an...

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Social Media & Your Job Hunt

Social Media & Your Job Hunt If you’ve been on the job hunt in the past decade, then you know the digital era has taken over the game. The internet has replaced the newspaper job listings and can reach thousands of applicants at a time. If you’ve used any of the...

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Starting a Job Search

Starting a Job Search Whether it’s because of the employment climate surrounding COVID-19 or because it’s just that time, you’re seeking a new job. If it’s been a while since you’ve sought new employment, it can be overwhelming to reenter the ever evolving job market....

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